Cour d'Amour » V-4001; V-4002; V-4008 MARQUISE

Cour d'Amour V-4001; V-4002; V-4008 MARQUISE

Stunning white set – Marquise ( 4000, 4006) is a sophisticated and elegant combination of PUSH-UP bra, sting, brasiliana string, high-waist briefs, corset and garter belt. All the parts of the set enhance with pure beauty of high-standard materials. Elegant bra V-4001 is special thanks to the floral embroidery and shiny silky ribbon that goes below. The sides and back of this bra are decorated with the same floral lace that can be found in the string and garter-belt. Antibacterial cotton with Trevira Bioactive technology is an additional advantage of this model. It gives maximum of freshness, antibacterial protection as well as breathtaking image.