Cour d'Amour » V-4007, V-4005 MARQUISE

Cour d'Amour V-4007, V-4005 MARQUISE

Stunning white set – Marquise is a sophisticated and elegant combination of PUSH-UP bra, sting, brasiliana string, high-waist briefs, corset and garter belt. Finest, elaborate lace is a main motif of the string V-4008 and garter belt V-4002 as well as corset V-4007. This corset can undoubtedly be called a masterpiece, because of amazing feminine design. Gauzy tulle is pleated in front and plain at the sides. High-standard, exquisite lace adorns the front of the corset and the cups. Debonair white ribbon covers the straps and creates a truly delicate look. Antibacterial cotton with Trevira Bioactive technology is an additional advantage of this model. It gives maximum of freshness, antibacterial protection as well as breathtaking image.