Cour d'Amour » V-4020, V-4025, V-4028 IMPERATRICE

Cour d'Amour V-4020, V-4025, V-4028 IMPERATRICE

This set is dangerously intriguing and predatory. Reach red color of lace in the string and PUSH-UP bra V-4020 makes a unique combination with silver shading satin presenting the motif of snake skin. Seductive mixture of colors, exotic motif of "snake skin" and a passionate red makes string V-4028 truly original. Appealing red lace softly embraces the hips. Brasiliana string V-4025 is made of the same high-standard shining red and silver satin and red floral lace at the back. Small red bows on the string V-4028 and string brasiliana V-4025 give a lot of charm. Fishnet stockings V-1274 makes a wild set with bra and both kinds of strings.