Cour d'Amour » V-4070, V-4073, V-4076, V-4078 DAUPHINE

Cour d'Amour V-4070, V-4073, V-4076, V-4078 DAUPHINE

Original and sophisticated set Dauphine is created for women who like to feel special. Extraordinary PUSH-UP bra V-4070 enchants with elaborated and solicitously chosen details. The back and sides of bra are made of delicate black lace. Cups are decorated with two layers of neatly crinkled black and beige tulle. Upper part attracts with elegant black lace on the beige background. Between the cups, there is a cute black and beige flower blooming gracefully. High-waist briefs V-4076, regular briefs V-4073 and string V-4078 goes perfectly with the bra. In the front of strings and briefs there is black lace on the beige background of soft tulle. Sides and back is made of two layers of black and beige tulle. High-waist briefs has floral black lace motives in front. Coquettish style of the back of the string and combination of beige and black tulle will expose the lightness and delicateness of this model and underline the tempting curves of a body.