Cour d'Amour » V-4147, V-4148 KAISERINNE

Cour d'Amour V-4147, V-4148 KAISERINNE

Corset Kaserinneseduces with incredible design, catchy color mixture and intriguing incursions. Corset V-4147 is special for its richness of high-quality fabrics, like transparent tulle, floral lace, delicate frills and candy pink satin tapes and bows. The corset shapes your body perfectly, thanks to pink lines that visually slim the waist. Vertical incursion is tied with delicate satin ribbon. Gorset V-4147 creates a set with appealing string V-4148 made of black floral lace adorned with pink ribbon. Whole image is passionate and cute at the same time. Every “little” temptress should have it.