AXAMI – organizer of safe work

2011-10-03 13:14:49

In October, 2009, the 9th in the Podlasie Musem, in Białystok a summary and a decision about a contest were made: „ Employer – an organizer of safe work ” organized by National Labour Inspectorate - Regional Labour Inspectorate in Białystok. Axami occupied the first place in this contest.

Our company was put up to the contest by the PIP Inspector visiting the enterprise. „The aim of the contest: „Employer - an organizer of safe work” is a dissemination of the knowledge about the problems, concerning work security, as well as popularization of valuable and deserving to be promoted achievements of employers organizing the work in a safe and ergonomic way and obeying rules of labour law, by which they contribute to an increase in work safety in Polish enterprises (...)”

Prize winners of the contest (winners of the 1th places in each category) - at the provincial level, Regional Labour Inspectorate nominated for participation in the contest on the central level”.

Report on the ceremony: