Eurocertificate 2009 for Axami

2011-10-03 13:17:59

The new year has started unusually successfully for the AXAMI brand. The company has received EuroCertyfikat 2009, prestigious European distinction for business entities where solidity and business honesty are a motto.

The EuroCertyfikat statuette guarantees that AXAMI is a reliable and credible business partner and one of the leading European business entity. As we read in award’s description “it is granted to the companies particularly standing out compared to the competitors by their efficient organization and management skills, the excellent policy of development and fulfilling high and strict quality standards”. As the finalist of the competition, AXAMI will paticipate in the European Program for the Promotion of Quality - the perfect opportunity to the promotion of the company on the market and boosting it’s development.

The Awards ceremony took place on 26th November 2009 on the The Royal Palace in Warsaw. It was fourth edition of the European Program for the Promotion of the Quality „EuroCertyfikat”.